Overcoming Fear In 3 Simple Steps

Fear can control you or you can control it. These are three proven ways to get through a fearful moment.

Breathe Deep

Little contest can be mad against the importance of breath. How we breathe affects our heart, our minds, and our lives. Most people don’t practice with their breath, and kind of mindfulness, or meditation. In fact, most people don’t notice their breath at all during the day. Our breath can become very shallow and almost undetectable until we pay attention to it. During moments of great fear, panic, or anxiety, our breath is hard not to notice. Typically, it has become rapid and quick- either small short shallow breaths or quick heaving breaths- both of which we cannot control. Telling someone to calm down usually includes encouraging them to take a deep breath. That is because there is an instant relief of the parasympathetic responses in the body and immediate connection to the brain as well as the heart. Taking a few deep breaths when you are feeling afraid will help you center and ground so you can get through the moment.

Talk It Out

Our brains can lead us to our greatest discoveries or our worst fears. Without breaking the icy walls of fear, we can become trapped within its isolation. Fear would have us believe that there is no one to talk to, nobody to help to make the fear go away. However, it is proven that reaching out and talking to someone, receiving love and support from a friend or family member, is proven to help you calm down and approach your fear.

Stay Still

Fear is an innate response. When we become afraid, our fight or flight (or freeze) response is activated, which is essentially a biological call for action. We don’t like being afraid, so our bodies and brains are programmed to either fight what scares us, run away from it, or become paralyzed in indecision as a hope for survival. To combat this involuntary response, try staying still. You can use focusing on your breath or calling a supportive loved one as your opportunity to sit and let the responses of fear pass. You’ll be able to handle the situation more rationally and effectively.


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