Opioid Abuse Is Hitting Younger Adults










The National Household Survey On Drug Abuse reports that there is a new generation of opioid abusers. Research has highlighted various groups and demographics which have fallen victim to the opioid epidemic. Baby boomers, for example, have more physical ailments and surgeries, which leads to more prescriptions of painkillers. The elderly can be given pain pills and when they become forgetful, take more than necessary. However, the survey points out that it isn’t younger adults who are the main concern of the opioid epidemic any longer but young adults. Growing numbers of adolescents and young adults are finding themselves addicted, including 12-17 year olds and 18-25 year olds. Many treatment centers have reported that this is their growing demographic as well.

Where Young Adults Are Getting Opioids

Kids get hurt. When kids play sports throughout their young life, though they are in excellent health they take an early toll on their bodies. Sports injuries can be severe, causing a need for surgery. Until recent years, doctors have thought little of prescribing opioid painkillers like Hydrocodone and Oxycontin to young adults to help with their pain. Kids also like to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Kids with a prescription for opioids might share it with their friends during a party. Going back to doctors and complaining about pain, they can get refills.

If the medications aren’t coming from the kids themselves, they are likely coming from their parents. Most young adults who experiment with opioids for the first time claim that the pills came from a parent, a family member, or a friend. Looking through medicine cabinets, sifting through drawers, and digging through piles could turn up any number of medications kids are willing to experiment with.

Why Young Adults Turn To Heroin

The opioid epidemic isn’t just about narcotic painkiller. Maintaining an addiction to prescription, brand name medications can be expensive and challenging to sustain. Once chemical dependency on opiate substances completely takes over, there is little difference to the mind and body in withdrawal between a pill and a bag of heroin. Producing the same high for significantly less cost, there is little consideration given to it. Heroin is devastating to a young mind and body.

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