From Negative To Positive In 5 Quick Exercises

Being a person of recovery doesn’t mean you’re going to be a positivity warrior every minute of From Negative To Positive In 5 Quick Exercises everyday- that’s just not normal. You can learn to live with negative moments and make the most of them by integrating positive practices.

Take A Quick Geographic

“Taking a geographic” is a recovery term for a behavior which addicts used to believe would work. It meant picking up and moving around from one city, state, or country to the other would be the end of their abusive drug use or drinking. It never worked. However now that you are sober taking a quick geographic can mean the difference between a negative state and a positive state. You’ve already found the answer to staying sober and you’re living in that solution each day. Taking a drive, taking a trip, or just taking a walk helps jolt your environment and shift your perspective.

Charge Your Batteries

Self-care is the way you boost back up when your battery starts fading. Before you start to malfunction and need a full boost, look for those warning signs that says you’re approaching shut down. Meditate for five minutes, take a nap, or let yourself something to eat.

There’s Good In Every Bad

Gratitude is a neuro scientifically proven way to beat the nagging negativity and turn it into plentiful positivity. The truth is, you never know what is in store for you on the other side of something you perceive as negative. There could be a lesson to be learned or a blessing in disguise. More importantly, despite the fact that something awful is happening right now, you’re sober! If there is nothing else to be grateful for, that certainly compensates for the rest of it.

Friendly Fellowship

Meeting other recoveries who are “trudging the road to happy destiny,” as the recovery journey is called, can be a blessing. Never did you think you would find people who drank like you, used like you, and are recovering like you too. Everyone struggles in recovery! Only someone in recovery from addiction and alcoholism can understand what that is like.

Change The Channel

Negativity is still energy which can be used. Maybe you can’t get away, take a break, or make a phone call right now. Instead of letting all that energy stew and brew inside of you, change the channel and send it outward. Focus on a task, do a minute of journaling, and put that energy to use.


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