Who Do I Need In My Recovery Support Group?










Our recovery support group is made up of people who know us, know our story, and know what we need in recovery.


We don’t always get to keep our friends in recovery. Sometimes, our choice to become abstinent and live in a new honest lifestyle doesn’t jive with our friends who might still be addicted. It isn’t about you. Your recovery and ability to face your problems head on is intimidating to them. Thankfully, the world of recovery is full of interesting people who are anxious to connect with you. Through recovery fellowships, treatment centers, and a new approach to socializing, you can make new friends who understand your journey and support you.


Sadly, we don’t always see the family heal. Most treatment centers offer family therapy and family weekends in order to make the family part of recovery. Addiction affects everyone, not just the addict. Unfortunately, we can drive our family members away. Their inability to forgive, try to understand us, and work with us to heal has nothing to do with us, but their own issues. Family is forever, but families aren’t perfect. In some situations, it might be better to do without family and create a new family. Our family of origin isn’t always healthy and supportive. We can create the family structure which works for us with other people. If you do have your family, it is important to have their support and dedication to your recovery. Knowing you have family to lean on in difficult times is important to staying sober.

A Sponsor Or A Mentor

A sponsor is someone we typically meet through a twelve step program of recovery like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. Their primary purpose is to take us through the work of the twelve steps and guide us in staying sober no matter what difficulties arise in our lives. If we aren’t partial to twelve step programs, we might find a mentor who either is or is not in recovery. Having the wisdom, compassion, and guidance of someone objective in our lives is important.


Ongoing therapy is a critical tool for recovery. Having a regular therapist in your immediate support group means there is a professional who knows the deepest inner workings of your mind. You can call on your therapist in times of emergency and they can provide necessary information about you.


Likewise, your psychiatrist is someone who is aware of your medications, if you are on any, which is helpful information. They can be a resource if you need to change your medication or increase your dosages to support your mental health.


Lakehouse Recovery provides a twelve month after care program for clients who complete our residential treatment programs. Working with their therapists and receiving guidance for creating support, our clients have the best chance at building a lifestyle of recovery which promotes lifelong abstinence. For more information, call us today at  877.762.3707.



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