Is It Necessary To Drug Test So Often In Addiction Treatment?

Is Common Drug Testing Necessary

Addiction is a sneaky, sneaky thing. The mind of an addict is full of complexities- obsessive thoughts which are unrelenting in the pressure to drink or use, compulsive urges which take over the physical body until it hurts to go another minute without drugs and alcohol. Despite experience after experience with relapse and falling into the same trap of detox, relapse using, detox, relapse, using, someone battling addiction will reach for their drugs and alcohol once more- even when they’re in treatment. Many mistake getting sober for willpower.

A great amount of willingness is required to get and stay sober, but an addict in recovery cannot rely on willpower alone. They have spent years of their lives repeating the same behaviors, coping with their unmanageable feelings in the same ways, turning to drugs and alcohol over and over again.

Habits, no matter how life threatening, are hard to break. Against all desire to stay sober, to get clean, and to learn how to live in recovery there is always the possibility that relapse will happen. Addiction is described as a relapsing and remitting disease. Sometimes, it can take time to find and sustain that remission.

It Keeps You Accountable in Recovery

Drug testing is a relied upon practice in treatment in order to help people in recovery stay accountable. When they know their treatment is on the line they are less inclined to use. Regular testing is one way to approach testing. However, people with addiction are smart and they could very easily plan out using intermittently in enough time for substances in their system not to show up on a scheduled test.

Random drug testing ensures that no in between using is taking place. Drug testing is about accountability as well as responsibility for behaviors. If someone has used, they are likely to resist their test. They might throw a temper tantrum, come up with excuses like not needing to go to the bathroom, or other reasons to evade the drug test. With nothing to prove, there is no reason not to take the test. The very idea of having to regularly submit a test is influential in their daily decision to stay clean and sober.


Lakehouse Recovery Center both regularly and randomly administers drug tests. Our personal, private residential treatment programs offer a small group setting where staff intimately know their clients. Rehabilitating the mind, healing the body, and repairing the spirit, our programs help clients learn how to have fun in life without drugs and alcohol. For information, call us today:  877.762.3707


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