Narcan Parties: The Real Truth

The amount of falsehoods that circulate about drug use and the misconceptions people have toward addicts can be disheartening. For instance, a myth that has been circulated by law enforcement is that heroin addicts will seek out drug dealers who have had previous customers overdose on fentanyl. This isn’t true; heroin addicts may want what they’re buying to be of good quality, but they certainly wouldn’t choose for it to be mixed with a lethal additive by some unknown person, at some unknown amount.  Another rumor that has been circulating as of late, is that of Narcan parties.

If you aren’t sure what Narcan actually does, the idea of a “Narcan party” might be something you would buy into if you heard it on the news. Narcan is an opioid overdose reversal drug. With a swift administration, Narcan has the power to reverse the effect of an overdose and save a life. It is said that people are participating in gatherings where most party-goers are doing opiates, with the idea that Narcan will be administered in the event of an overdose. Though the drug is remarkable in its effect, the after effect of the drug is most concerning. Without the effects of opioids in the body, the body goes into withdrawals. Someone might be administered Narcan and have their life saved, but they are immediately faced with the very symptoms of withdrawal they turn to more drugs to avoid. Many try to find more drugs as quickly as possible, even though their life was just saved from a drug overdose.

Other sources are claiming that individuals addicted to opiates are purposely overdosing in public places because they know first responders will show up. Police, paramedics, and other figures of authority are not commonly the associates of choices for individuals who are struggling with drug addiction. Being thrown into severe withdrawal and then possibly being handcuffed and forced to withdraw from heroin in a jail cell is one of the few consequences someone addicted to opioids will consider.

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