Is Mindfulness Therapy As Effective As Traditional Talk Therapy?

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Mindfulness Therapy Does Work

Over the last couple of years, mindfulness has become a popular topic across many disciplines. First, with much doubt, it started to become a topic in academic and scientific settings. Mindfulness, the ancient eastern tradition associated with many religions, was becoming used as scientific treatment. Becoming aware, practicing non-judgment, and learning to notice and be present was having an effect on patients in all kinds of need.

From dementia to depression, cancer to addiction, people practicing mindfulness were feeling better. Study after study has increasingly revealed the value of mindfulness in a medical setting. Known to reduce symptoms of stress, increase feelings of wellness, and alleviate symptoms of depression, mindfulness has proven to treat more than the mind. Heart health, specifically, has been helped with mindfulness, especially due to a reduction in stress. As brain imaging and other empirical studies have been conducted, mindfulness no longer causes controversy.

It Is Proven to Work As a Therapy 

It’s a proven, scientifically backed, evidence-based treatment method. Therapeutically, mindfulness has become integrated with some of the longest standing evidence-based treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy. Mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy have taken flight in treating a spectrum of mental health disorders including substance use disorders.

Forbes reports that mindfulness is now proving to be as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy, as opposed to being a supplement to cognitive behavioral therapy. 215 people were studied who had diagnoses of depression, anxiety and/or stress as well as adjustment disorders.

Mindfulness Therapy Helps With Many Symptoms

For eight weeks, the participants either participated in mindfulness based therapy, typically using mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, or traditional talk therapy, typically using traditional cognitive behavioral therapy methods. Before and after the experiment, participants filled out clinical questionnaires which allowed researchers to gauge each participant’s’ level of depression, anxiety, stress, physical symptoms, OCD, and more.

“At the end of the eight weeks, the participants’ symptoms had significantly decreased in both groups- in fact there was no difference between the two groups, meaning the one treatment was as effective as the other.”

Previously, mindfulness based therapies were proven to be as effective in traditional talk therapy methods for treating anxiety and depression. The full list of symptoms which were included in the participant questionnaire helped researchers conclude that mindfulness is as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy in treating a range of psychiatric disorders.


Employing the use of mindfulness based therapy treatments as well as other clinically proven recovery and non recovery methods makes the integrative residential treatment program at Lakehouse Recovery Center successful in helping clients transform their lives. For more information, call us today at (877) 762-3707.


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