What You Might Not Understand About Heroin


There are common phrases and facts about heroin which are hard to understand unless you are familiar with the drug and its culture. Heroin is a deadly drug, causing dozens of overdose deaths each day. If you or a loved one are struggling with heroin addiction, call Lakehouse Recovery Center today at  877.762.3707.

Nodding Out

Sometimes referred to as being “on the nod” this is usually a physical symptom that someone has used heroin. As they sit, they seem to act in the same way as someone falling in and out of sleep, their heads falling up and down to keep themselves awake. Only, they aren’t keeping themselves awake.

After the initial rush of euphoria, the brain struggles to maintain a steady position in either consciousness or unconsciousness. Problematically, it is easy to transition into unconsciousness which, during heroin intoxication, can be fatal. Many accidental heroin overdoses occur because someone fell asleep or fell unconscious and their hearts eventually stopped.

Heroin Isn’t Easily Detectable And Is Rarely Pure

Black tar heroin is considered to be the most pure and potent form the drug comes in as a sticky black substance, but it is rarely 100% pure heroin, or opium derivative. However, heroin can be a brown like powder or a white powder. Other opioids like codeine and fentanyl, the powerful synthetic opioid, can easily be mixed into a batch of heroin. Other drugs like cocaine can be missed in undetected as well.

Kicking And Getting Dope Sick

Withdrawal from heroin is one of the most difficult to overcome. In fact, it is the mental and physical toll of heroin withdrawal which keeps people in the cycle of chronic relapse. Despite their best intentions and desires to be sober, coping with detox from heroin is unmanageable. Initially, there is a series of flu like symptoms that many describe as being hundreds of times worse than the actual flu. This is called being “dope sick”. As the detox process continues, it is common to experience restless leg syndrome, or a steady kicking of the feet and legs.

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