Is Marijuana As Dangerous As Heroin?










Marijuana is not as dangerous as heroin. There is hardly a comparison between the two drugs. To date, not a single person has overdosed and died as the result of marijuana use. Currently, the nation of America and the world at large is suffering an opioid epidemic where at the forefront stands heroin. Each day, heroin overdose claims dozens of lives. Heroin can be fatal from the first use. The effects of marijuana both psychologically and physically do not compare to those of heroin. Additionally, marijuana is used for medicinal purpose. A very long time ago, heroin was used for medicinal purposes, marketed and sold by the well known drug company bayer. After there were increasing reports of people becoming addicted to the heroin, the company stopped selling it. Today, marijuana is approaching widespread legalization, making the recreational and medicinal use of the drug above the law.

Marijuana also is not a gateway drug, which is a common misconception and criticism regarding the drug. Studies have found that the use of alcohol actually inspires people to experiment with other substances more than marijuana does. Heroin is typically last on the list of drugs someone is interested in experimenting with. The highly addictive substance has renown for its ability to enchant and hook someone quickly. A majority of people who grow up in modernized countries try marijuana at some point in their lives. Heroin is not a popular party favor.

Though marijuana is significantly less dangerous than heroin, it is not without its negative side effects. Marijuana use disorder, or marijuana addiction, is a legitimate mental health disorder, diagnosable by medical professionals. Becoming chemically addicted to marijuana is possible, resulting in experiencing withdrawals and suffering in other areas of life. Opioid use disorder applies to heroin addiction, which can completely disrupt one’s lifestyle and health.

People who find themselves lost in marijuana addiction find it easier to recover because their addiction is primarily psychological. Marijuana does not create the depth of physiological dependency as heroin. Symptoms of withdrawal from marijuana are mild compared to the flu-like symptoms, severe mental obsession, and restless leg syndrome called “kicking” which result from heroin detox.


Still, addiction doesn’t discriminate. If you feel your life has been taken over by drug addiction of any kind, you can find a path to recovery. Start yours with Lakehouse Recovery Center. We provide residential detox and inpatient recovery as well as a 12 month after care program. For more information, call  877.762.3707.


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