Manage Triggers, Avoid Cravings, and Prevent Relapse


Manage Yourself in Recovery

So you’ve completed alcohol addiction treatment and are now living sober. Congratulations! You should be proud of this accomplishment. But what happens if you start craving alcohol? After recovery, a number of people will experience a relapse. However, relapse can be avoided by taking preventative steps. First, you should know your triggers, which are the things that cause cravings.

These could be certain people, places, or situations that make you desire alcohol.

Once you’ve clearly defined your triggers, you can avoid them, practice saying “no”, and distract yourself. Here are a few strategies to help manage your triggers.:

  • Discuss it with someone you trust
  • Try to relax when your emotions arise
  • Create and use coping flashcards

By learning to manage your triggers, you can help avoid cravings and prevent relapse.

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