Luxury Problems

If you’ve ever had a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s possible you were on a first-name basis with the local police department, judges, and probation or parole officers. You may have had your name in the newspaper once or twice. Or, maybe you managed to avoid run-ins with law enforcement, but you had run-ins with your boss or spouse. Job loss, divorce, warrants, bankruptcy, social services, and the always looming threat of jail are real problems we faced when drinking and using. In recovery, we still have problems, but they’re of a different caliber.

Sober Problems Are Much Different 

Part of the cunning, baffling, and powerful aspect of the disease of addiction, is that it has a tendency to wipe our memory clean of how bad our addiction really was. We begin forgetting how miserable we were, and what our relationships or lack thereof looked like. The problems we have in sobriety may feel like a big deal at times, and sometimes they are, but they don’t compare to the problems we used to have. It’s easy to forget this, and some of us do. Living in recovery is a piece of cake compared to living in active addiction, but the disease tells us everything would be so much easier with just one drink, pill, line, hit, or injection, but it’s never just one.

Sober Life Is a Good Life

The next time you have to stay late to finish a project, or you have to run back to the grocery store to grab milk, remember what it was like trying to figure out how to meet your dealer or get to the liquor store without getting tossed in jail on DUI charges. We still have problems, they’re just easier to deal with. Some of the problems we have in recovery stem from our wreckage in addiction. It’s not unheard-of for a person to go to jail sober, for things they did pre-recovery. Court fines, community service, and continued probation often follow us into sobriety. In recovery, we’re able to deal with our problems like adults and we’re no longer problems for the society in which we live.

If you’re still struggling with addiction, there is a way out. The Lakehouse Recovery Center has a solution for your problems, and all that is asked of you is a desire to stop drinking or using. Sobriety has a lot to offer, and fewer problems is just the tip of the iceberg. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. You are not alone in this. You can change, and you can recover. Call us today.


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