How Long do I Have to Wait to go Back to Treatment after a Relapse?

Recovery is an ongoing process.  You will never be completely cured of your addiction, but managing it will become easier.  It is not uncommon for a person to relapse at some point. A study performed by the National Institute put relapse rates for recovering drug addicts between 40 and 60 percent.  While the odds of relapse are high it is not a guarantee and your treatment will give you the tools needed to help guard against a relapse.  If you should experience a relapse, it does not mean that your recovery has failed.  After your relapse, it may be in your best interest to return to rehab.  How long you wait before returning to rehab after you relapse depends on several factors, a couple of which are:

How severe was your relapse

While all relapses should be taken seriously, it may not be necessary to return to treatment if you experienced more of a slip than a relapse.  Distinguishing between a slip and a full relapse requires a level of self-awareness that you may lack.  It is important that you reach out and speak to someone immediately after you experience a relapse, or if you are thinking about using again.  Should you find yourself returning to your old habits it is important to return to treatment as soon as possible.

What caused the relapse

Understanding the cause of your relapse can help determine if and when you should return to treatment.  Did you relapse because of a momentary lapse in judgment or have you been headed towards a relapse for a period of time?  Have you been working your program or have you fallen back into your old habits?  These are questions that have to be asked of yourself.  If you realize that the cause of your relapse has more to do with a change in your habits than it does a single strong temptation, you probably need to get back to a treatment center quickly so that you can rebuild the foundation of your recovery.

Deciding whether or not you should return to rehab is a big decision and one that you should make with the assistance of someone that wants to help you in your recovery.  It vital to your recovery that you have someone you trust to talk to whenever you relapse or find yourself thinking about it





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