Life Skills for Your Room and Your Life

Success in your recovery, and in your life, come from stringing together small accomplishments which lead to large wins. Oftentimes we overlook the small wins that could provide the motivation necessary to carry-on through difficult times.  Here are a few life skills that may seem small but can actually have big impacts throughout your life and recovery.

Making Your Bed

Starting your day off in a positive manner can set the tone for the remainder.  Much like your recovery is about taking sobriety one step at a time, accomplishments start by just beginning and making progress.  Once you get making your bed down it is easier to add getting in a workout,  before you realize it you will be marking off entire day’s worth of to-do tasks.  “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with 1 step”.

Eating Right

Many people are aware that proper nutrition is important for your body.  What you may be surprised to know is the benefits nutrition can have on your mental well-being.  New research has begun to show a connection between mood and food.  

Some studies have shown that people with a poor diet are more likely to suffer from symptoms of depression.  Making sure you are fueling your body with the nutrients it requires can go along way in helping you to maintain your sobriety.  The discipline gained in watching what you eat will also be useful in making healthy decisions in your recovery.

Making a Budget

One way to make your road to recovery more palatable is by eliminating as many stresses from your life as possible.  Learning how to create and manage a budget will help to ease the frustrations that can come along with financial issues.  By accounting for all of your money you will be able to see how much you once wasted on drugs or alcohol.  Attaching a visual cost to your addiction can be another great tool in your sobriety.  Just think of all the great things you can buy with the money you’re saving!

Managing Stress

Oftentimes addicts find themselves managing stress and negative emotions by avoiding them with drugs and alcohol.  This never solves the issue at hand and at times can exasperate the problem.  Learning how to handle your emotions and manage stress in a healthy and positive way can help you to avoid some of the stressors that could trigger a relapse.



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