So Let’s Talk About Prana and Breatharianism











At Lakehouse Recovery Center we offer pranic healing as one of our integrative healing modalities to support our clients in addiction treatment. In the age of mainstream mindfulness it is of little secret that breathing is important. First of all, we need to breathe to stay alive. The process of overdose on opioids, for example, involves the breath slowing down to a dangerously low rate which cuts off oxygen to the brain and slows down the heart until it stops completely. No breath, no life. Second of all, breathing and focusing on breathing is a major part of coping with stress. Mindfulness, meditation, and general tools for coping with life often involve a focus on deep breathing. We are constantly telling ourselves and others to take a deep breath, just breathe, remember to keep breathing. When we connect to the breath we connect to the source of life. Yogic traditions see the breath as life. Every breath is a metaphor for the universe and connects us to all other living things. Even plants circulate oxygen.

Breathing is a source of life and breathing can be life-healing. Pranic healing consists of differing breathing exercises which stimulates blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other parts of the body. Talking about universal themes and healing enrich the pranic healing practice.

While the breath can be a source of life, it is not the only source of life. Recently, a couple made clickbait worthy news by claiming they don’t eat any food because they are Breatharians, meaning they live off of their breath and a few other things like the sun and the energy of the universe. Getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D is good for just about anyone and being connected to universal wavelengths can be a trip. Connecting to and utilizing prana as a replacement for food, on the other hand, is not healthy.

The idea of the tradition is not new. Sun bathers, people who stare at the sun, sit in the sun, and eat little food or drink little water have been sharing the secrets of their vitality for centuries. For the modern human being, however, a severe lack of food and sustenance of any kind is not sustainable. Prana is part of breatharianism because of the focus on the breath. To practice pranic healing and to feel sustained by the breath does not have to be taken to extremes in replace for all else. People who practice breatharianism believe food is toxic for the body. It is true that there are many foods and diets which are harmful to the body. It is also true that food is delicious and can be wonderful and healthy and sustain the body in a brilliant way.


Lakehouse Recovery Center uses integrative approaches for the treatment of addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis issues. Offering residential detox and treatment in addition to a unique twelve month aftercare program, our treatment center encourages clients to heal mind, body and spirit. More importantly, we emphasize having fun so our clients can learn how to thrive in recovery. For information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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