Lessons of Life You Gain from Fishing

Nothing quite captures the essence of serenity like fishing.  Surrounded by the sound of water in cool shade while you anticipate a bite makes fishing one of the most peaceful experiences on earth.  Fishing is very meditative giving a person ample time to think about life.  Here are five lessons for life that fishing teaches.

How to form a plan of action

No fisher just pulls up to a lake or river and starts dumping bait in hoping for the best.  A wise fisher first learns what type of fish are in a location.  Based on that information the fisher can choose the best time of day, and scope out the best prospects for dropping a line.  A good fisher plans for success.

To succeed in life you need to adopt a similar approach.  What are your goals and ambitions?  How have others achieved success?  What specifically do you need to put into place for carving your path to success? 

What tools to have for success

We laugh when we see someone in a movie drop a stick of dynamite into the lake as their fishing style.  Most fishers steer clear of TNT for their fishing ventures.  However, fishers do bring a lot of tools with them to help them.  They need waders, poles, line, bait, a net, and a cooler.

Life requires the right tools to succeed.  Planning is good, but without knowing what to bring and what skills you need, goals are still out of reach.  What tools do you need to succeed?


There are times when a fisher goes home empty handed.  Does that make them a failure?  Of course it doesn’t.  Everyone knows that you can have the perfect plan and best tools, and life can still throw some curves at you.  Patience is the key to achieving of your dreams.  Do not give up when things go awry.

Self Control

When a fisher finally hooks a fish the fight begins.  Fishers know if they reel in improperly they will lose the fish.  Fishers use self control to curb the excitement when they hook something.  Some fish fights can last over three hours.

In life there are many times our mouths and decisions get us into trouble.  By having a self control filter a lot of mistakes can be avoided.  Learning self control will help a person make wise decisions benefiting all areas of life.

How to have more fun sober

Most people who fish do so because it is a relaxing and fun experience.  Being out enjoying the beauty of the planet and having an adventure are great ways to have a blast.  Fishing does not require drugs or alcohol to be fun.

There are many activities in life like fishing that are more fun sober than intoxicated.  Playing sports, hiking, biking, and water sports to name a few.  Experiment and find what you like.

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