Why LA Living Is a Nature Lover’s Paradise











Located on the bottom end of Ventura county, Lakehouse Recovery Center borders many LA county nature spots. When people think of Southern California, they think of the beach, but they might not think of the mountains. Southern California is full of microclimates. We have our coast, we have our mountains, and we have our desert. In between, we have beautiful peaks, valleys, mountains, and hillsides, begging to be explored. Choosing to go to residential treatment in Southern California is choosing to discover the secret of the California lifestyle- connecting to nature.

Nature is a powerful healer. Surrounded by the natural setting of Lake Sherwood, our beautiful residential home brings in many natural elements: trees, water, hills, mountains, and even a small island in the middle of the lake. Our clients have the ability to swim, hike, paddle, boat, fish, and enjoy their natural surroundings without straying too far from our property. Including recovery and non-recovery treatment methods, our programs give everyone an opportunity to find healing and relaxation in the activities which suit them best. Experiential nature learning helps clients to heal mind, body, and spirit by creating a connection. Recovery is not the answer to addiction. Connection is. Making meaning in recovery is critical for sustaining long term recovery. Without making a new meaning in life, the brain cannot begin to reprogram old behaviors by replacing them with new ones. Hiking and exploring the local area is a way to connect with the environment, making treatment seem more human than abstract. It is common for patients in treatment to feel as though they are in a strange place, or even feel imprisoned by their treatment experience. We strive to provide the opposite experience at Lakehouse. We regularly take clients out into the surround LA nature to explore. When clients graduate our residential program and move into our transitional living home for their twelve months of aftercare, they learn to participate in self-care by taking themselves on nature expeditions to hike in the local hills and mountainsides.


Welcoming men and women with substance use and secondary mental health disorders, Lakehouse Recovery Center offers the privacy of small group treatment with the luxury of residential care. Our programs take recovery seriously, encouraging clients to thrive in life without drugs and alcohol. For information, call us today:  877.762.3707.



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