What To Know About Drug Addiction Treatment in Westlake Village

Drug Addiction Treatment | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comSometimes it’s necessary to pack your bags and move to another city or state in order to find sobriety. If you’re living on the East Coast, for example, getting away from friends or family or peers who encourage a drug addiction might become necessary.

In order to get sober once and for all, you might you might be looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center that is not only not in your neighborhood, but far from the circles you used to keep.

One city to consider for participating in a drug addiction treatment center is Westlake Village, CA. The community straddles Los Angeles and Ventura county with plenty of open space for hiking, horse riding, and spending time in nature.

Nearby is the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains and the Malibu hills. Westlake Village is located nine miles inland from the Pacific Ocean with sea breezes sweeping up through the canyons keeping Westlake Village 10 degrees cooler than nearby San Fernando Valley.

Westlake Village is a Great Place for Recovery From Drug Addiction

If you’ve made the decision to begin drug detox and substance abuse treatment, Westlake Village may be the ideal place. In fact, a recent article in the Huffington Post listed those cities across America that made getting addiction help and sobriety easier than other cities.

The services found in these cities, such as drug withdrawal treatment centers and drug treatment aftercare, made it attractive destinations for finding sobriety. Although the article wasn’t necessarily encouraging their readers to make a geographic move across the country, it might be fitting it you’re aiming to leave your old life behind – family, friends, compulsive lifestyle – in search for a healthier existence.

Resources Nearby

Of the top ten cities listed, Los Angeles was ranked number four. Some of the other cities in the list of top ten were Boston (ranked #1), Delray Beach of South Florida, Houston, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Portland, OR.  However, among the various reasons to live in LA – to be an artist or actress, for example – now there is another reason – the city’s thriving sobriety community.

There is a large fellowship of like-minded recovery addicts who have their eyes on long-term sobriety. The community includes over 3,100 Alcoholic Anonymous meetings per week where attendees tend to arrive early to mingle, meet, and support each other’s recovery process.

Westlake Village offers pleasant weather nearly all year round. It’s also a famed city becomes of its proximity to other parts of Los Angeles that house executives, stars, celebrities and politicians. It’s an affluent neighborhood that many describe as one of the safest areas of LA.

The streets are flat and wide making walks relaxing and not strenuous. Westlake Village’s beautiful homes and safety make it an attractive place to live for men, women, and their families. Or it might be a pleasant community to reside while you participate in drug addiction treatment.

If you’ve made the decision to get sober and you’re ready to enter drug detox, you might decide to take a drive through Westlake Village and consider the substance abuse treatment options in this welcoming neighborhood.

Even if you’re living on the East Coast, maybe you want to make a cross country move after all. Or, if you’re lucky, you already live in LA and you only need to drive yourself over to the residential drug treatment center of your choice.


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