Your Intuition Is Smarter Than You Think


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We used to think we know what doing the right thing looked like until we became addicted to drugs and alcohol. The way mind altering substances alter the mind includes adjusting the way we perceive consequences, make moral decisions, and create judgments in our mind. As a result, we lose our faith in our intuition and have fear in trusting ourselves. Overtime we gain a relationship with our intuitive self, earning our trust and confidence in ourselves.

You Intuitively Know When Something Is Over

Remember all those times you tried to get sober, quit drugs and alcohol for good, but couldn’t? For whatever reason, something never felt right. You’ve learned there are plenty of excuses and addiction-driven justifications which can get in the way of making the choice to go to treatment and get sober.

You’re also learning that you intuitively know the right time and place for everything, better than you might think. Once it was time, you were “done” and everything was lined up the way it needed to be- you were ready.

Making the decision to stop using drugs and alcohol is not the last time you will know when it is time for something to end. By now, you are astute at recognizing the signs of something coming to an end. That doesn’t mean you’ll handle them well or even gracefully; in fact, it will likely be the least graceful signs which will be the most obvious.

You Are Authentic In Who You Are

Through our addictions, we do a lot of “never’s”, all the things we told ourselves we would never do. In the process, we lose ourselves as we continuously betray who we thought our sense of self would be. Recovery helps us restore our relationship with ourselves and our trust in who we are.

One day at a time, we discover more about ourselves, our morals, our values, and our ethics. As we become more authentic we learn to live without too broadly betraying these essential parts of ourself. Situations which feel deeply unsettling and uncomfortable in some way are often working against our intuition by working against who we know ourselves to authentically be.


Lakehouse Recovery Center knows that there is a solution to the problems caused by drugs and alcohol. If you are struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, there is hope in recovery. Our private residential treatment programs focus on healing mind, body, and spirit, while showing clients how to have fun again in their new recovery lifestyle. For more information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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