Integrative Therapy Is A Supplement To Clinical Therapy











Integrative Therapy Is A Supplement Your Recovery Plan

The world tends to think in extremes. Life is either one way or the other. Treatment, for example, is either purely clinical, or totally loose. You either work a twelve step program or you don’t. You are a holistic individual or you aren’t. Integrative therapy treatments are meant to be as their namesake indicates- integrative.

In addition to proven, evidence based, scientifically backed, clinical therapeutic methods, integrative therapies provide extra support and healing in the areas where clinical therapy might fall short. Strongly conservative scientists and practitioners argue that clinical therapy cannot fall short. The problem with black and white thinking in the world of treatment is that people are not binary.

Instead, we operate on a broad range of variables and options because every individual is unique and each person’s specific journey of addiction and alcoholism is unique. Therefore, everyone’s journey to recovery is also unique and cannot be treated with a blanketed approach.

Individualized Treatment Plans Are the Most Effective

For many years we have made the mistake of trying to create cookie-cutter treatment and find a “cure” for addiction and alcoholism. So far, the best approach has been the individualized approach which brings together elements of both clinical and integrative therapies, working with the specific needs of each client.

Rather than tell addicts and alcoholics desperate to recover that they have no hope because they do not fit a mold, treatment centers have started changing their tune.

Increasingly, addicts and alcoholics seeking recovery have an opportunity to be met on an individual level. They hear, “We’ll figure out the best way which works for you” instead of “You have to figure out how to work for us”.

Holistic Recovery

Massage, reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, energy healing, sound healing, and other forms of integrative therapies have their pros and cons for every person who tries them. As treatment for addiction and alcoholism continues to move in a holistic direction, more of these supplemental therapies are being used.

Back to back clinical therapy methods can be exhausting and not inspire the kind of emotional or energetic release clients need. Finding inspiration in other areas, clients can progress in their healing.


Lakehouse Recovery Center incorporates recovery and non-recovery focused therapy methods to give clients the full scope of healing that they each need for their individual journeys. Our private residential treatment programs seek to heal mind, body, and spirit while helping clients discover how to have fun and enjoy their lives in recovery. For more information, call us today at  877.762.3707.


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