How Do I *Insert Verb* Without Alcohol?

Life Doesn’t Revolve Around Alcohol Anymore

Inserting one verb into this sentence doesn’t cut it. If you’re an alcoholic new to recovery, you may be puzzled as to how you will do anything and everything without a drink. When you’ve been living a life that revolves around when your next cocktail will be, functioning without it seems impossible. Lucky for you, there are millions of us who have been down the bumpy road of sobriety and we are living proof that life exists beyond the bottle.

Early Recovery Can Be Tough

It’s no secret that early recovery can be a little (ok, a lot) awkward. Newcomers are like new sailors, earning their sea legs during the worst storm the Atlantic has seen in 50 years. There’s no real advice on how to do and be without the booze, except you just do it. You go out on that sea-deck, hold on for dear life, and just give it your best shot. You may stumble, you may fall, but you damn well better get up and keep going. If you don’t drink or use NO MATTER WHAT, you can and will do anything you set your heart on.

You might be worried about functioning without a drink, but what you should be is excited. Human beings aren’t meant to subsist on drugs and alcohol, and when we’re sober, we suddenly have choices, opportunities, and adventures. You want to go skydiving? Great, go! You feel like driving to the Grand Canyon? Awesome, have a fantastic trip! You see, the things that we don’t and can’t do because of addiction, are suddenly at our fingertips.

Yes, we might feel a little awkward doing stuff sober, but it gets better. In fact, it gets so much better that not only is sobriety not awkward, it’s amazing. So much so, those of us in recovery would fight to the death to keep it- and fight we do.

When we learn that we can do anything but drink and use drugs in sobriety we are inspired to stay sober. Creating a life worth living is already living a life worth living. The more we realize we can do without alcohol, the more we become capable of doing. Rather than sit and fear walking, we go for a stroll. We apply this philosophy to all areas of our life. Instead of sitting idle, we get into action.


If you want to live an amazing life without alcohol, we can show you how. At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, our treatment approach focuses on living your best life, and teaching our clients how they, too can enjoy life without drugs and alcohol. We spend days out on the boat, hiking, kayaking, or doing yoga. These are the types of things we miss out on when we’re loaded. You have the opportunity to change your life, and you can start to change it today. All you need is a willingness to get sober. You can get healthy and you can recover. Call us today, this is one decision you will not regret. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707.


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