Increased Misuse of Adderall Among Young Adults

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Increased Abuse of Adderall

A nationwide health study found that there has been an increase in improper use of Adderall among young adults. In 2006, 0.73 percent of adults who claimed to have took Adderall without a prescription and in 2011, that percentage jumped to 1.2 percent in 2011.

Though the percentage might seem low, that is a 67 percent increase. The report also found that the percentage of emergency room visits related to Adderall increased by 156 percent. Dr. Ramin Mojtabai explained, “Our sense is that a sizable proportion of those who use them believe these medications make them smarter and more capable of studying.

We need to educate this group that there could be serious adverse effects from taking these drugs and we don’t know much at all about their long-term health effects.” Some negative effects of Adderall misuse include high blood pressure and increased risk of depression, bipolar disorder, and unusual behaviors.

Click HERE for the full article on Huffington Post.


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