How to Identify A High-Functioning Addict

High-Functioning Addict | Lakehouse Recovery Center

While their is a common misconception that someone who is struggling with addiction is easily recognizable, the truth is that some people are high-functioning addicts, meaning they can manage a job and daily responsibilities but still struggle with addiction. A person does not have to reach rock-bottom in order to be in need of addiction treatment. Here are a few qualities of a high-functioning addict.

Qualities of a High-Functioning Addict

  • They don’t believe they have an issue.
  • Their alcohol and drug use doesn’t cause devastating consequences.
  • They micromanage their life.
  • The surround themselves with people who drink or use like they do.
  • They don’t experience hangovers or are able to complete their everyday tasks and responsibilities.
  • They are not aware that help is available.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that might help you figure out if you have an addiction problem.

  1. Why do you use drugs and alcohol?
  2. Do you feel sadness on the inside?
  3. Can you have fun without drugs and alcohol?
  4. Have you been wanting to quit drinking or using drugs?
  5. Have you struggled with quitting drugs and alcohol?


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