How to Break a Cocaine Addiction

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Cocaine Is a Problem

Cocaine is a drug that was popular in the 1980’s. It was passed around at clubs, bars, and parties. Today, cocaine is still the drug of choice for many addicts. However, it’s taken a back seat to heroin, prescription pain pills, and meth. Nonetheless, it remains to be a problem.

One reason cocaine can become a problem for people is because it is so powerful. It’s a substance brings about euphoria, elation, and a feeling that is unmatched compared to other drugs. In fact, cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there because of the unequaled high that it produces.

The intoxication of ingesting cocaine includes feeling very alert, excited, powerful, and happy. Some users of cocaine describe its euphoria as equivalent to the enjoyment of orgasm.

However, the euphoria of being high on cocaine can also bring feelings of suspicion and paranoia. Similar to drinking too much coffee (only in extreme intensity). In fact, after awhile the high of cocaine can produce anxious feelings, compulsive and repetitive behaviors, and seeing flashes of light or hallucinations.

In addition to this, cocaine addiction can also bring its challenges. You might have financial, occupational, social, and physical concerns. You might see your relationships with family and friends start to deteriorate. If you’re experiencing all this, perhaps you’re ready to break your habit with cocaine.

Here’s How to Break Your Cocaine Addiction

  1. Call for help. Although this might be difficult to do at first, making the call is the first step to getting help. You might call a friend you trust, a family member, or you can call a treatment center directly.
  2. Admit yourself into a treatment center or sober living home. A drug addiction treatment center helps an individual through the difficult psychological withdrawal symptoms. For instance, the effect of no longer ingesting cocaine into the body can result in low mood states and even symptoms of depression. The psychological dependency and the issues that arise when that dependency is tested is the process that addiction treatment centers address when an individual participates in cocaine detox. Cocaine detox, withdrawal and stabilization is the first step in drug rehab for the healing of cocaine abuse.
  3. Gather a network of support around you. Having a healthy network of professional and person support is one of the most important preliminary elements to recovery. A circle of support might include friends, family, NA members, therapist, sponsor, drug counselor, and staff at treatment facility. If everyone around you is in support of sobriety, you’re more likely to stay on track.
  4. Participate in cocaine addiction treatment. Although it’s difficult for some men and women to discuss their feelings, past experiences, and events that led up to addiction, participating in cocaine addiction treatment is important. And this requires honesty, transparency, and commitment.

Stay on Track With Recovery

  • healing unresolved issues that lead to challenging emotions
  • treating any underlying mental illnesses
  • changing peer group to avoid old drinking or drug-using friends
  • treating any painful physical conditions
  • participating in a support group
  • making amends with friends and family
  • giving back to your community or others who are earlier in their recovery

If you’re struggling with cocaine addiction, call for help today.


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