How Open Should I Be About My Addiction?

How Open About Addiction Should You Be?

This is a tricky question, and one that will receive different answers from different people. Of course, you can tell anyone you want about your past, but you should take into consideration a couple of points before doing so. When we’re new in sobriety, we are learning how to be honest, and sometimes, we may overshare our honesty.

For instance, you may accidentally tell someone exactly what you think of them, even though it’s unnecessary and hurtful. Many of us don’t come to sobriety with much of a filter or impulse control, so running ideas by someone like a sponsor is a good idea before acting on them.

Though it has lessened in recent years, the stigma of addiction still exists. If you’re trying to get a new job in sobriety, certain careers may be more accepting of the disease than others. For instance, being an addict and getting a job at a treatment center wouldn’t be a big deal. If you’re a doctor, you may have more obstacles, depending on your circumstances.

Whether or not you tell your employer is up to you, unless you have a criminal record. If they’re giving you a background check, it’s generally advised to tell the truth. Even if it’s one DUI, they will find it. If you don’t disclose it, they could let you go for lying. If you disclose it, it’s in their hands.

Trust Has a Part To Playing In Sharing Your Addiction

Another point you may want to consider when deciding with whom you want to share your past, is whether or not you trust the person. If you don’t trust them, is it even worth sharing? This is another scenario that is completely up to you, your circumstances, and how you feel. Some people are open books, and don’t care who knows or who doesn’t. They may feel like it’s the best way to carry the message of recovery with others. If you choose to be an open book, it’s likely that in the age of social media, future employers may also be privy to your private life, so keep that in mind.


Whomever you tell is your choice, and because of sobriety, you have that choice. Addiction steals everything from us, but sobriety gifts us with the ability to make sound decisions. If you are struggling, you can make the decision to get well. At The Lakehouse Recovery Center, we can help you get sober so that you can make healthy choices and live the life you want. If you can’t stop drinking or using, you can make the decision to change. You can do this, you can recover, and you can change your life. Don’t wait another day, call us. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707.


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