How Do You Define Boundaries?

Drug and alcohol addiction completely blurs or wipes out any and all boundaries that drug addicts and alcoholics may have had prior to addiction. Without clear boundaries, we become vulnerable to others. Sometimes, this vulnerability can translate into being victimized by those willing to take advantage of your inability to protect yourself. Addiction takes away our choices, and our voice. Recovery does the opposite.

In treatment, you will learn how to set healthy boundaries and employ the following:

  • Respecting others
  • Taking full responsibility for your words AND actions
  • Being steadfast in your beliefs and values, regardless of others’ opinions
  • Communicating thoughts and feelings
  • Assertiveness

Generally, newcomers in sobriety are not known for having high self-esteem. Treatment emphasizes the importance of putting value in yourself. You and your sobriety come first, no matter what. As you learn self-care, you will discover the things most important to you, and you will be able to more easily set boundaries to support those beliefs. It is also important to respect the boundaries of others, even if you do not agree with them. We are all our own people, and our beliefs will vary.

It takes awhile to learn assertiveness, but checking-in to detox and treatment is a great start. The skills you will learn are invaluable to your sobriety, and are tools you will use for the rest of your life. As with the other skills you will learn, the more you practice, the more comfortable change becomes. Before long, you will notice how far you have come from when you first entered detox, to the person holding strong in recovery.

If you are still struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you don’t have to do this alone. Millions have recovered before you, and you can join the legion of success stories amongst us. We can taper you down off drugs and alcohol, safely and comfortably. From here, our treatment approach will provide you with the necessary tools to live a long, healthy life free from the grip of addiction. Give us a call, your recovery is of utmost importance, and your life can begin changing today. Don’t wait any longer, your life has been on hold long enough.





The Lakehouse Recovery Center offers private, residential care. Our program brings together recovery and non recovery focused treatments to help clients heal and learn how to live life again, without drugs and alcohol. Call us today for information: 877.762.3707


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