How Do I Stay Sober?

Benefits Of Staying Sober

Sometimes we need little thoughts and reminders as to why we are choosing to be sober. There’s no doubt that thinking back to our past and replaying the tape of our addiction is a huge reminder. There are also little sobriety bonuses that make taking everyday one at a time worth the lifelong journey. In case you need a little pick-me-up, you’ll find a few below:

  1. No Hangovers – Isn’t it nice waking (not coming to) in the morning, with a clear head, no anxiety about the day before, and not feeling like you were hit by a truck?
  2. Having Enough – For many of us, nothing was ever enough. This doesn’t only apply to drugs and alcohol, but to many areas of our lives. We chased and chased until we ran ourselves into the ground. We were never content with what we had or where we were. Maybe we moved a lot, thinking a new city would change everything. Being content, rather, in love with yourself, your surroundings, and the people in your life is part of the peace that sobriety brings.
  3. No FOMO – Similar to having enough, when you are comfortable in your own skin and love your own company, that feeling/fear of being left out is no longer part of your heart. In sobriety, you grow and learn who you are, what you like, and what you want. When you know these things, your grass is just as green, if not greener than the other side of the fence.
  4. Routines & Rituals – Going to the gym in the morning, making dinner, having Sunday brunch with friends, sipping tea before bed, and reading your favorite book are only a smidgen of the creature comforts we create in recovery. Doing things we love, taking time for ourselves, and tailoring our lives to our needs, wants, and desires are things we get to do because of recovery.
  5. Freedom – Addiction annihilated any ounce of freedom we had before it took over our lives. In recovery, we are free; free to choose how to live, free to leave the house without obsessing about our next drink or fix, free to exist without being chained to and dependent on our drug of choice. This mental and physical freedom is worth more to us than all the money in the world.




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