How Do I Create A Support System In Recovery?


A medic who is dragging people off the battlefield, the guy who looks like a pack mule carrying all the gear, and that other person running around with a radio on his back who always seems to be on the phone.  What do they all have in common?  They are support troops, and without them, battles would be lost.

Recovering from an addiction is one of the fiercest battles a person can face.  You’ll need people to help pick you up when you’re down, someone to give you good advice, and others to connect with when you are on the edge of relapse.  Here are three tips to ensure your support system is strong and will achieve victory.

  • Eliminate negative influences in your life.  It may sound simple, but it’s often overlooked.  If you want to have the strongest possible support system in place then you’ll need to eliminate those influences that fight against the system you are building.  Many in recovery indicated they had to cut ties with the people they used to hang out with.  Others have had to change their environments, sometimes even moving to another location geographically.
  • Build a network of positive influences.  It’s easy to feel like recovery is possible once you take care of step one.  You’ll begin to see a lot of wins by keeping negative influence out of your life.  You may even think you could succeed on your own.  Unfortunately, one thing you can’t get away from is the addiction living inside you.   Those with successful recovery records have found positive relationships through twelve-step programs, religious institutions, or interest groups.
  • Be vulnerable about your struggles.  It’s fun to hear stories about how people are overcoming their addictions.  It’s human nature to want to have it all together, and this can sometimes influence how much you share about your struggles.  Build a support system that won’t judge you for being honest.  You need a safe environment to be vulnerable in.  The quickest way to kill a cancer is to expose all of it, cut it out, and let the healing begin.  Don’t let any part of your addiction hide, or it may come back full force.

The battle is real, but with the right tactics, you will surely see victory.  With your support system in place, you may even be a part of someone else’s win someday. Lakehouse Recovery Center offers residential detox and inpatient treatment in addition to a 12 month aftercare. Together, everyone can win in recovery. Call  877.762.3707 for more information.



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