How to Help a Drug Addict: Two Types of Intervention

Addiction Help | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comOften times, people with an addiction are not able to recognize that they do indeed have an addiction and need help in order to recover.  Sometimes, depending on the situation, an intervention might be the best way to start them down the road to recovery.  The goal of an intervention is to get the addict to accept help.  It is held to help them realize the correlation between their drug and/or alcohol use and their existing problems in their life.  People often make the assumption that an intervention involves ambushing someone you love because of the way social media has portrayed them but this is not the case.  The two types of interventions are surprise and invitational.  An invitational intervention is generally the best way to go.  If this method fails, then a surprise intervention could be attempted.  An invitational intervention is just want is sounds like.  You express your concern and invite your loved one to talk about their addiction with you.  It is also always a great idea to have a professional help you through the process no matter which approach you decide to take.

Click HERE to read the full article by Parvati Shallow on CBS News.



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