Happiness: The More You Look The More You Find

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Have you ever experienced yourself  noticing certain things in your life? For instance, perhaps you see a butterfly and it’s a pretty one. Its beauty stays with you, making an emotional and mental impression. Then, you see another one the next day. It too stays with you, brightening your day in some way. And then you see another a few days later, and another a few days after that. Suddenly, you’re in this pattern of noticing butterflies. And each time, there is a certain twinkle to your day.

But this noting of experiences doesn’t only have to happen with butterflies. It can happen with just about anything – maybe you keep seeing the same color car. Or maybe you find yourself noticing the same type of car. Or if it’s not a car, maybe you keep running into the same person. Or you continue to come across the same topic, as though it were grabbing your attention.

Experiencing Happiness

The point is that this can work with happiness too. You might have to get the process going on your own. In other words, in the butterfly example, the butterfly made an impression on you. And from then on, you were noticing butterflies. However, noting experiences of happiness can be something that you simply decide to do.

You might say to yourself upon waking in the morning – “Today, I am going to look for happiness.”

Then, you get out of bed, and the first thing you see is the sunlight shining through the window – Experience of Happiness #1.

Next, you go to make yourself breakfast and you realize that you’re out of milk. So you put on clothes and take a walk to the convenient store around the corner. On the way, a stranger smiles at you – Experience of Happiness #2.

Returning home,  you make yourself breakfast. As you sit down to eat, you realize the pleasure of enjoying food – Experience of Happiness #3.

After breakfast, you call your sponsor to check in. He has been supporting you throughout your recovery. He doesn’t answer. Instead, he calls you back 20 minutes later. Finally, when you hear his voice, you realize how grateful you feel for his presence in your life – Experience of Happiness #4.

Because you’re feeling grateful for your friend, you share it with him, and he admits that that’s exactly what he needed to hear. He says that although he’s been there for you, he’s been going through some challenges of his own. You feel the enjoyment of getting to be there for your friend who has been there for you for some time – Experience of Happiness #5.

Search for Happiness

As you keep looking for moments of happiness, the more those moments jump out at you. It’s sort of a trick of attention. Once you’ve got something in your mind, suddenly you’re seeing that thing everywhere.

You might notice that there are points here where attention could have gotten caught up with the negative – when you realized you were out of milk or when at first you were not able to reach your friend.

If you’re getting caught up in the negativity of your life, try searching for happiness. You might notice that the more you look, the more you find.



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