Why Do You Guys Just Hang Out In The Pool For Addiction Treatment?










At Lakehouse Recovery Center, we welcome clients to dip, float, dive, jump, cannonball, and swim in our full length pool which overlooks the beautiful scenery of Lake Sherwood. Throughout the seasons, spending time in the water, either in the pool or the lake, is therapeutic for our clients. Contrary to popular belief, treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis mental health disorders does not have to be, nor should be, a rigorous discipline of clinical treatment. Our philosophy at Lakehouse is that laughter is an underestimated medicine and learning to have fun in recovery is as important as any other kind of education. Relaxing, rebalancing, restorative for the joints, and good for the mind, taking a float in the pool in between clinical and integrative activities is often just what our clients need.

The Science Of Water

Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols outlines the innumerable ways in which blue, the color of water, and water itself, interacts with the very chemical makeup of human beings. Just being near water helps the brain and body relax. Floating in water relieves pressure off the joints and helps create deep relaxation and produces dopamine, a brain chemical which creates signals of pleasure. Submerged and protected, being in the water, on the water, or near the water, helps create relaxation and a peace of mind. For addicts and alcoholics in recovery, a peace of mind is a priceless commodity. The brain has been chemically altered in such a way that, during the first months of recovery during which time someone is in treatment, it has a hard time relaxing. Hyperarousal, anxiety, panic, depression, and any other activity in the mind can set off triggers for cravings or other maladaptive behaviors. Relaxing the mind and the body is conducive towards getting more out of clinical treatment, holistic healing modalities, and other integrative activities. Plus, hanging out in the pool is fun.

The Science Of Fun

When drugs and alcohol become an addiction they become a priority in life. Drugs and alcohol create the meaning of one’s life in addiction. Slowly but surely, everything in life starts to revolve around seeking, obtaining, using, and being intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. Part of addiction is learning the habits and behaviors which become associated with drugs and alcohol. Fun in recovery is a way to create new habits and behaviors which are not associated with drugs and alcohol. Learning to have fun is as essential as any other part of recovery. Without teaching the brain how to have fun, the brain cannot learn that it is possible to have fun, make new meaning, and enjoy life without drugs and alcohol.


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