Is Going To Detox The Same As Going To Rehab?

There is a common misconception that a person going into detox is entering rehab. The purpose of detox is to safely and comfortably taper addicts and alcoholics off chemical substances. The purpose of rehab or treatment is to teach patients how to live life clean and sober, one day at a time. Ideally, the two modalities are combined to provide the addict or alcoholic with the best chance of recovery success.

If you are considering going into detox, we hope you are considering treatment, too. Detox is an important piece of beginning recovery, but it is only the first step. Often times, patients who are in a 30 day treatment program really don’t get the full benefit of what is taught until week three. The reason being, is that full detox can take a couple of weeks. Some patients will remain on detox medication longer than others, which can affect memory and how much information is retained.

Committing to any amount of time is probably quite frightening to you right now. If you can be truly honest in your answer, ask yourself how much would you really be missing if you went away for a little while? If your life revolves around drugs or alcohol, you won’t be missing anything, and everything you think is important, can wait. Nothing is more important than you—absolutely nothing. You may think something or someone is, but the truth of the matter is, if you overdose or die an alcoholic death, you will be gone  for good, not just for a short time of your life while you’re putting it back together.

Give yourself a chance. Getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight, and neither did your addiction. If you only sign up for detox, your chance of staying clean and sober is minimal. Why go through detox and then find yourself where you’re at right now, once again? You’re already in a vicious cycle of addiction; if you start the cycle of getting sober then relapsing shortly thereafter, your disease will get exponentially worse. We can help you get and stay clean and sober. All it takes is a little willingness and the desire to change. Recovery is possible, and your new life can begin today.




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