Do You Have to go Off-Site From Rehab to Detox?

Research continues to show that longer term, comprehensive styles of treatment are more effective than short term programs.  These programs typically have a more holistic approach to recovery, and as such, require a larger time investment.  Statistics show relapse percentages are far greater in a short-term (30 days or less) programs rather than long-term programs (at least 90 days).

Qualified experts believe one of the reasons longer term programs are more effective is because specialists are able to walk the recovery journey with patients from detox to aftercare.  Part of any treatment process is detox whether it is medical or not.  When choosing a recovery program it is important to find a center that offers all levels of the recovery process onsite.

Having an onsite detox is important for a few reasons.  The major benefit is so the treatment center staff can begin to evaluate and walk with you through your journey immediately.  Some of the rawest emotions and deepest struggles will manifest themselves in the early detox stage.  By walking through your detox process with you, treatment centers will be better equipped to tailor a successful treatment plan specifically for you.

Research shows it takes around fourteen days for a person to adjust to a new environment.  Effective treatment only begins after someone has fully adjusted.  By having an onsite detox most of that adjustment period is finished by the time a person moves on to the next stage.  Entering into the next phase of treatment, already familiar with a facility and its people, allows the treatment program to have immediate benefits.

Another benefit for having onsite detox is being able to have a gap-free transition into the next stage.  Transitioning quickly is important.  Many who detox feel as if they may be cured because they feel so great after undergoing the process.  If detox is off site, it is easier and more tempting to not seek any treatment beyond, because you feel much better.  Unfortunately, without moving on to post-detox treatment phases relapse is almost certain.  Detox should always be considered a first step in a recovery journey.

When seeking treatment it is important to discuss all phases of your strategic recovery plan.  If you require detox as part of your treatment plan, the benefits of doing it on site will be well worth your time.  

The Lakehouse Treatment Center understands the worlds of active addiction and active recovery. Years of comprehensive experience have helped us build a unique program focused on changing lives and rebuilding families. From detox to sober living, The Lakehouse program focuses on learning how to live and have fun again- a treatment experience like no other. Call us anytime: 877.762.3707


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