Getting Sober in the New Year: 11 Tips For Success

Getting sober is not an easy journey. It requires a thorough treatment plan and strong support system, but it is absolutely possible – and always worth it. These tips can help.

We’re not going to lie; the process of getting sober will have its ups and downs. Some days you will feel on top of the world, other days you may have cravings, and other days you may feel like giving up. Even with the ups and downs, getting sober in the New Year is possible. With everything going on in the world, this is the best time to get sober.

We have come up with some tips to help you succeed.

1. Don’t Let The Desire Pass

If you are having thoughts of getting sober, make the call for help today. Don’t let getting sober be a passing thought that comes and goes while you continue to harm yourself with alcohol or drugs.

Anytime you think you need to get sober is the perfect time to start your journey. You don’t have to be sober to make the call for help. You don’t even have to be 100 percent on board. Making the call and entering treatment has benefits no matter your motivation level.

2. Do It For Someone Else

You probably hear friends, family, and even professionals tell you to only go for help when you are ready, but the reality is that any reason you choose to get treatment to help you get sober is the right reason. Whether it is for your children, parents, or significant other, our addiction treatment facility can meet you at your commitment level.

Once in treatment and once your mind becomes clearer, you are likely to become more committed.

3. Take Advantage of Quarantine to Help With Getting Sober

When your life is put on hold by things like quarantines due to viruses, take advantage of this time by seeking virtual rehab treatment. Treatment facilities can remain open because they save lives. Let them save your life, too, at this time when you may not feel comfortable attending work and other meetings in person.

4. Use Treatment As a Way to Stay Safe

While the rest of the world is home and worried about contracting a virus, you can go to treatment and have around the clock care by professionals, and at the same time, get sober. Addiction treatment programs and therapy provide an environment that offers you security.

Plus, you can still get socialization, medical interventions if needed, and in-person therapy while getting sober. This is something you could not do at home alone.

5. You Deserve the Gift of Sobriety

Many feel as if they have done so many wrong actions that they don’t deserve a good life. This is false. You deserve a long, happy, and healthy, sober life. Negative thinking will be addressed in treatment, and you will become more self-confident living sober. You will be able to think clearly and make self-care a priority so that you can have the life you deserve.Contact Us Today for Help Getting Sober - Lakehouse Recovery Center

6. Treatment Centers Are Less Busy Right Now

This time of year is when most treatment facilities are least busy, making it the perfect time for you to enter. You can still get socialization, but there won’t be overcrowding. This also means treatment counselors and professionals will be able to spend more one on one time with you.

Individualized care in a group setting is ideal for all who are getting sober.

7. You Don’t Have Bad Withdrawal Symptoms

Entering a drug and alcohol program means you will be given medicines to treat any withdrawal symptoms you develop. You don’t have to worry about experiencing those horrible flu-like symptoms, cramps, fevers, nausea, or vomiting.

Professionals in treatment work to ease your symptoms all day and night. They do this because they want your focus to be on getting better, not fighting off physical withdrawal symptoms, and experiencing a relapse.

8. Your Way of Getting Sober Hasn’t Worked

If you have been struggling with addiction for any period, then you have been trying to stop using just as much as you have been trying to get a fix. Your plan to get sober has not been working out for you.

Treatment professionals understand the struggle of trying to stop using. They know that you are fighting your brain that is continually trying to convince you to relapse. This is a fight you cannot do alone. It’s time to try someone else’s plan, one that has worked for millions. Our team at The Lakehouse is all in recovery themselves, we personally know how difficult it can be and what it takes to help. We fight with you and for you.

9. Go With The Plan That Works

The further distance you put between you and your drug, the higher chance of achieving life-long sobriety. If you have been using for years and attend detox for one week, you very well might relapse. One week is not enough time for your brain to heal from the trauma of drug use.

Plan to stay in a treatment facility for several months, and then move to sober living, then intensive outpatient, and so on.

10. You Can Start The Journey Virtually

If you are not fully committed to entering drug and alcohol treatment right now, you can still start your journey of getting sober. You can reach out to our treatment facility online. They offer 24 hours, seven days a week support for anyone struggling with addiction.

Reach out and ask questions to help you decide on getting help.

11. You Can Heal Your Mental and Physical Health At The Same Time

Your physical and mental health is linked to addiction. You have likely noticed this through weight loss, skin problems, and other issues with your body. You may have also seen an increase in anxiety and depression, even when, at first, drugs or alcohol made you feel better.

By entering drug and alcohol treatment, all your needs are healed in one place, at one time. You can get proper nutrition, therapy, physical health, and medication if needed.

Your treatment plan will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of your mental and physical health needs. Why? Because you deserve it. Let the experts show you a happier way to live life. Don’t wait any longer- reach out to an expert today.

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