Getting Enough Light Is Essential for Well Being and Sobriety

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If you live in Southern California, getting enough light might not be a problem. However, depending on your lifestyle, you might need to remember to get enough sunlight.

Get More Light to Improve your Well Being

Not getting enough light can affect your well being. The lack of light can influence your mood, health, and cognitive abilities. For instance, if you tend to keep your windows and blinds closed and stay in for most of the day, then you might not be getting the light you need for psychological and emotional health.

Some men and women who do not get enough light throughout the day – especially this happens on a regular basis – can develop an illness called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This is a mood disorder that is characterized by depression which tends to occur at the same time every year. It is sometimes known as winter depression, winter blues, summertime sadness or seasonal depression.

One danger for recovering addicts is that these periods of sadness or depression can present a risk to their sobriety.

If Your Not Getting Enough Light, Here Are a Few Things to Consider:

  • The amount of light we need depends on the time of day and the activities that you are trying to accomplish in a day. During the day we need high levels of light to stay alert for work. However, in the evening it’s okay to close the windows and blinds as you prepare for sleep.
  • Sunlight can be a powerful healer and relaxation tool. Although the sunlight keeps us alert and awake. At the end of the day, having absorbed the sunlight can help the mind and body to relax. In fact, getting 20-60 minutes of sunlight is a great remedy for anyone experiencing insomnia. This is especially true if you combine getting sunlight with exercise, such as walking on the beach or spending time in the garden.
  • Sunlight can actually improve one’s immune system. Light is already being used to treat various diseases of the skin and blood.
  • When the light shines on the skin, the nerve endings absorb energy and send it throughout the entire body. This can calm the nerves and ease any anxiety we might have.
  • Some people need to actually schedule time to be outdoors and get the sunlight they need. If you grew up in a cold climate and were used to dark and snowy winters, then you might not remember to get the sunlight you need. Plus, work and family responsibilities might keep us indoors. Even if you need to schedule it, getting at least 20 minutes of sunlight a day can have an effect on your psychological and emotional health.

Although it sounds obvious that we need to get enough outdoor light, our busy way of life might prevent some men and women from getting the light they need. Light is essential for psychological and emotional well being, and particularly vital for the recovering addict.


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