How to Get Through the Holidays Sober: 5 Tips

It’s that time of year again when everyone and their mother seems to be kicking off the holiday season with endless mimosas, rounds of shots, and anything else to take the edge off the stress and pressure most of us feel during the winter months. When you’ve got a house full of relatives, no one seems to think twice about having a morning bloody, or throwing back mugs of eggnog all day. Now that we’re sober, we do. Holidays can be a tipping point for people in recovery; be sure you are prepared, safe, and supported.

Tips to Stay Sober Through the Holidays

  1. Prepare yourself – If you’re going to be around a lot of drinkers, you may want to mentally prepare yourself to turn alcohol down, especially if you’ve never done it. For instance, a simple, “I decided to not drink today,” or “I’m the designated driver” are more than sufficient answers.
  2. Bring a friend – Having a sober friend with you at company parties, or even family gatherings makes being around people who are drinking, much more comfortable (and tolerable).
  3. Have an exit strategy – If possible drive yourself to and from the party. Always have a way to leave if and when you want to. There isn’t anything much worse than when your sobriety is on the line and you’re stuck.
  4. Go to meetings – Keep doing your recovery, and what works for you. You may even want to beef up your meetings this time of year.
  5. Reach out – Many of us struggle during the holidays. There is safety in numbers, so call your friends, your sponsor, and reach out to a newcomer. Not only will you be helping yourself, but you’ll be keeping those you care about accountable, too.

We used to be the leaders of the drinking pack, but now that we’re sober, we’re the ones thinking twice and doing things differently. Sobriety is a learning process, and the longer you stay, the more comfortable you will become. More often than not, we overthink our sober actions.

We think others care that we’re not drinking, but really, they’re only concerned with themselves. So long as you don’t drink or use—no matter what—you’re doing quite alright.



If you’ve tried to stop drinking and can’t, try something new and call The Lakehouse Recovery Center. There isn’t a better or more beautiful place to begin your journey in sobriety, than here. You will never have to be miserable through the holidays again. We will help you through this difficult time of year, and show you how to live a full life, free from addiction. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) SOBER | (877) 762-3707. You can do this, call us now.


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