Gaining Confidence in Your Sobriety

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There are many reasons why a new recovery addict might not feel confident in their ability to stay sober. In fact, the 12-step community suggests that a person go to 90 meetings in 90 days in order to get sober and stay strong in that sobriety. However, it takes time to build up one’s confidence.

If you’re used to getting high every day, believing in ability to say “No” to getting high can be challenging.

These Are Suggestions for Building Your Confidence in Your Recovery

As already mentioned above, there is a long list of reasons why a person doesn’t have the confidence in their own sobriety at the start of recovery. For instance:

  • At the beginning most people don’t even know how to say no to the substances they’ve been using every day.
  • The same triggers that recovering addicts used to respond to with substance abuse continue to exist. Learning how to change habits and old ways of responding to those triggers is one of the tasks of recovery.
  • Recovery itself has challenges and frustrations that can be triggering.
  • The negative thinking that might have originally contributed to addiction might also still be there.
  • Many men and women don’t believe in themselves – whether it has to do with recovery or not. The low self esteem can get in the way building up one’s confidence in sobriety.
  • The low points in one’s life might continue to be a reminder. It might be hard to see that recovery is possible.
  • Along with low self esteem, some people underestimate their abilities. They may not feel that they can have the strength to say no to cravings and temptation.

These are a few reasons why a person might have a hard time believing in their sobriety. It might take them awhile to create a new lifestyle that is substance free. It might take them some time to really believe in their ability to stay sober.

Boosting the Belief in Yourself to Stay Sober

  • Spend time with others who have already achieved what we want to achieve.
  • Watch inspirational movies or read motivating books on recovery
  • Journal to gain insights about your life, triggers, cravings, and temptation. But don’t forget to also journal about your successes, strength, and building confidence.
  • Listen to music that is relaxing, motivating, or mind-opening.
  • Work with a therapist to facilitate positive thinking and positive behavior
  • Read biographies about what others have achieved in their own recovery.
  • Eat well to support the mental and emotional parts of you.
  • Take good care of the body with exercise and visiting the doctor from time to time.
  • Work with a sponsor, if you’re not already.
  • Attend a weekly therapy group or individual therapy sessions.
  • Attend a 12-step group to build a sober community of people to spend time with.

These are suggestions for boosting the confidence you have in your recovery. The truth is with the right tools and support anyone can achieve anything they want. And you too can achieve long-term sobriety!



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