Finding Your Legs in Sober Living

Sober Living is Like Finding Your Sea Legs

Have you ever been on a boat?  You know the experience of having to bend your legs a bit whenever you go over a wave? You’re doing that to stay balanced. You’re doing that to ride the wave, along with the boat, so that you don’t fall. And in the beginning, it might take some getting used to. You might have to hold on occasionally to keep yourself from falling. But after while, you get used to the waves and the rhythm and you can walk around the boat without holding on as much. You’ve found your sea legs!

The same is true for sober living. In the beginning, you’re going to have to get used the new experience of living without substances. Like having to hold on to the boat once in awhile, you’re going to have to rely on others.

Perhaps you need a ride to get to your meetings. Perhaps you need borrow money from family in order to live at a sober living home. Or maybe you need to rely on a few sober friends for companionship and a listening ear. Like going from solid land to the ups and downs of the ocean, change requires that you adjust your life so that you don’t collapse in the face of transformation.

The good news is you have plenty of support to find your new sober living legs!  For instance, if you’re new to recovery here are the many places where you can get support:

  • 12-step meetings
  • new sober friends (from meetings and support groups)
  • old friends who are also sober
  • family
  • drug counselors
  • sober living staff
  • therapist
  • sponsor
  • books about addiction and recovery
  • The Big Book
  • inspirational movies on recovering from addiction
  • hot lines
  • safety plans (you can create a safety plan for times of challenge)
  • treatment plan (usually created by a therapist or psychologist)
  • medication (if needed)
  • support groups
  • a sober or recovery mentor

You could say that these are all the supports you have for finding your sea legs. These are all the tools you can use to help you get stable and feel more secure in your sobriety, especially during the first few months of your recovery.

At some point, just like finding your sea legs, you won’t feel like you need to hold on as much. But this doesn’t mean you’re going to give any of your supports and tools. Instead, you might then feel like you can focus on other parts of your life. For instance, one you feel secure and confident in your sobriety, you might consider one of the following:

Feeling Secure and Confident in Sobriety

  • going back to work
  • going back to school
  • amending your family relationships
  • finding a new place to live
  • getting more involved in the recovery community
  • going after the goals you’ve always had for yourself
  • focusing on your physical health and well being
  • enjoying time with friends

Sober living is finding your way again. At first, you may feel the ups and downs that naturally come with a change. But with patience, support, and commitment to your sobriety and recovery, you’ll likely feel solid in your new place in life.


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