Finding the Encouragement You Need in Recovery

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Encouragment Assists In Recovery

You might already have all the support you need. You might be attending a 12-step meeting. You might have supportive friends and family. You might have even been working with a therapist, psychiatrist, and/or drug counselor.

You might have all that you need in place so that you’re preventing relapse and moving forward in your recovery. But still something may be missing. You might still feel like you need a boost of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation.

An online dictionary defines encouragement as the action of giving someone support, confidence, and hope. However, breaking the word down a bit, you’ll see the letters cour inside the word encouragement.

Cour means heart in the French language. And you might think of the word courage when you see those four letters together. Indeed, encouragement is inspiring one with courage and hope. You might even say that to feel encouraged is to feel like you’re moving from the heart and having a certain inner strength.

As you might already know, it’s important that everyone have these qualities in order to achieve what they want. If we are feeling stuck in a certain way, then getting out of that situation will almost always illicit fear or why would we be stuck in the first place? Yet, it’s possible to find encouragement, courage, and an inner strength from a variety of sources.

These Include

  • Others who have already achieved what we want to achieve.
  • Inspiration movies
  • Journaling to gain insights about one’s life
  • Opening the mind through playing or listening to music
  • Positive thinking and positive behavior
  • Reading biographies about what others have achieved

Reasons Why a Person Might Need Encouragement In Their Life

  • Most people underestimate their own abilities. Through encouragement, support, and connection with others people can find the strength to continue to achieve their dreams.
  • Recovery is going to come with challenges. However, with encouragement a person can face those challenges with more ease.
  • Negative thinking is common in recovery. However, encouragement can be a safeguard against those moments when negative thinking gets the best of us.
  • One’s self confidence can be improved with encouragement.
  • Everyone can have low points in their lives. Having ways to find encouragement can help someone pull through those tough times.

If you are working with a therapist, sponsor, mentor, or sobriety coach, you might find that sharing your feelings with them about low inspiration and little encouragement might help. Together, you can discuss ways to find the encouragement you need. You can also discuss the type of encouragement you’re looking for.

One person might need to carve out more alone time in order to tap into their own inner resources. And another person might need to spend more time with supportive friends.

If you or someone you know is struggling in their recovery, however, call a mental health provider, if you’re not already working with one. A professional can help you find the resources you need to boost your sobriety and prevent a relapse. Recovery isn’t easy. Everyone needs a significant amount of support and encouragement to pull through the challenges that recovery brings.



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