Finding A Higher Power In Recovery

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Finding Spirituality In Recovery

Spirituality and a spiritual solution are a big part of the recovery process. At this point, many people shrink back in fear, running from the idea of something that might be called “God”. The entity and idea of God is pretty big, so big that people spend their entire lives trying to understand it- or run from it. Religion is also big. Religion is so big that it causes war which kills many innocent people. For these reasons, among many others, people are turned off to the idea entirely.

Thankfully, recovery programs, from treatment center programs to the specific twelve step spiritual program of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous there is an open clause to the idea of a “higher power” which is that you get to choose one as you understood it/him/her. Many people choose large components of nature like the ocean, nature itself, mountains, or space.

Essentials to Be Successful in Recovery

Some people regard the curious and divine energy of existence as The Universe and consider that the higher power. Spirituality is a way of creating connection and meaning in life, two things which are considered to be essential for successful long term recovery. Finding spiritual healing and a higher power fills a hole in many people who spent much of their lives trying to fill it with drugs and alcohol.

Intangible spiritual tenets like hope, faith, strength, wisdom, peace, serenity, courage, unconditional love, forgiveness, are more satisfying than temporary pleasures like drugs and alcohol. Developing a relationship with spirituality brings these wonderful parts of life into your life and helps you create a sense of being detached from drugs and alcohol.

Your higher power is what you make it, what you want it to be, and what you believe it to be. Finding a higher power can happen in many ways from profound “burning bush” moments to a long journey of self-discovery and exploration. One easy way to start gaining a sense of a higher power is to think of what your higher power might be like, if it existed.

What would be the values, rewards, and relationship be like? If your higher power were to exist what would it feel about you? After you define what you want in a higher power ask yourself a simple question: is it possible? The answer is up to you, but the answer, is yes.

The twelve steps have brought healing, meaning, and purpose to millions of people around the world. At Lakehouse Recovery Center we incorporate twelve step living into our daily activities while offering many non twelve step alternatives and meetings. By utilizing integrative spiritual activities in addition to clinical therapy and twelve step work, our residential programs help people start living the path of their recovery. For more information, call  877.762.3707 today.


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