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It is Easy to Lose Sight Of Sobriety While in Recovery

Losing perspective in early sobriety is easy. In fact, losing perspective in any stage of recovery is easy. Life can be hard. Life will be hard. Recovery can even be hard. Things will be a lot harder if you turn back to drugs and alcohol to cope with how hard things feel right now.

Everything in recovery passes because everything in life passes. You will find that the saying this too shall pass might be the most realistic slogan in recovery.

The good times will pass into bad times, but the bad times will turn back into good times. Many times, you won’t like the change. Your brain suffered a severe reprogramming during active addiction to prefer a state of pleasure rather than a state of discomfort.

Part of learning to live sober is learning how to live sober through good times and bad times. It is for this simple fact, staying sober, that you can be grateful for your recovery, no matter the circumstances going on.

For those moments when you are having a tough time staying grateful for your recovery, here are some reminders of why recovery is great, why you are great, and why life is still great, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

Staying Grateful in Recovery

  • You aren’t hungover
  • You aren’t getting arrested for things you don’t remember doing
  • You wake up with a clear conscience
  • You wake up knowing exactly what you did the night before
  • You wake up where you actually remember going to sleep (suddenly waking up on the couch after dozing off, not included)
  • You think more clearly than you ever had, which is why you can feel the feelings of what you’re going through
  • You can feel your feelings
  • You can actually name what your feelings are
  • Every single day you make the decision to stay sober
  • No matter what happens in life, you keep making your decisions which help you continue to stay sober
  • You have found that you are more okay with yourself than you ever have been
  • You feel better physically
  • You feel better psychologically
  • You have found yourself spiritually
  • You have friends who can identify with your experiences, no matter what you’re going through
  • You’ve gained priceless tools for coping with these exact moments
  • You aren’t drunk and you aren’t high. Even in moments where you might think that you’d rather be, you can know in your heart of hearts, it’s better for you- and for everyone- that you’re not.


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