Feeling Weighed Down By Social Media? You’re Not Alone


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Social media is a revolutionary technology which was created to connect people all over the world and cure on of the world’s most devastating problems: indifference and isolation. Though social media reunites old friends, introduces soulmates, and acts as an exciting platform for social justice and awareness, it has negative effects as well. Growing amounts of discourse are examining the effect interacting with social media so often can have on mental health. So far the results are troubling. It seems the more time spent on social media, the greater the mental health issues, from bullying and depression to inspiring eating disorders and low self-esteem.

You Don’t Have To Be On Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with other social media platforms aren’t actually a requirement for being a social human being. Not too long ago, there was a time when we didn’t post everything about our lives online. Even when social media posting became possible, the options to like or comment weren’t around. There are other ways to keep up with friends, share your adventures, and stay current with the news, if you’re willing to do so. Social media can feel like a social obligation, but it isn’t. Any guilt or shame about not being on social media indicates that you place far too great an emphasis on social media. During the early phases of your recovery, it is important to take breaks from social media when you start noticing obsessing of any kind, especially if the obsessing is coupled with any kind of cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Be Easy On Yourself

Social media does not define you! Who you are online is not the perfect version of every nuance and brilliant part of who you are in real life. Remember there are many editing tools which people use to create enticing videos and photos in order to gain a maximum amount of positive feedback. Since social media’s creation, marketing has completely changed, putting a focus on all of that interaction and positive feedback. You can never know what is going on behind the scenes- increasingly, social media “stars” are revealing that they struggle deeply with mental health issues in the background, some even pointing the blame at social media itself. Social media is meant to be a tool for recovery, not one which works against recovery.


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