Do You Have a Fear of Losing Your Identity in Recovery?

If you’ve been an addict or alcoholic for months or years, you may associate everything you are or who you think you are, with your drug of choice. If you are thinking about checking-in to treatment, or are newly sober, the thought of removing such a huge part of what you consider is your identity, is frightening. When everything you do revolves around chemicals, your life will certainly change without them—only for the better.

Getting sober isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work that involves blood, sweat, tears, and fears. After all the work that goes into changing a person’s life, if it wasn’t worth it, then that person probably wouldn’t want to keep her sobriety, right? Ask anyone who is continually strengthening their recovery and living life to the best of their ability, if they would want to go back to drinking or using. Any true addict or alcoholic who has tasted recovery would adamantly say no. That life of drinking and using was absolutely miserable, and no one knows their true self when their true self is numbed to oblivion.

Sobriety gives you your identity back, but so much more. When you are newly sober, you may feel lost, confused, and awkward. This is completely normal, and it’s something all of us go through. With time, you learn what you like and dislike, what you will stand for and what you won’t, and you will find your voice. Addiction beats us down to nothing, and sobriety raises us up. Those of us who have made it into recovery are immeasurably grateful for the lives we have been given. We remember where we came from, and we wouldn’t trade our new identity for the old, no matter what.

If you are struggling with addiction, and fear sobriety, you are not alone. The idea of not drinking or using and actually being happy about it sounds ridiculous and completely foreign. The truth of the matter, is recovery is the beginning of a new life and a new happiness you have never known. If you want to stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired, call us. We can help you make the transition into recovery safely and comfortably. Don’t put your life on hold any longer, pick up the phone and give yourself the best gift you will ever receive.




The Lakehouse Recovery Center offers private, residential care. Our program brings together recovery and non recovery focused treatments to help clients heal and learn how to live life again, without drugs and alcohol. Call us today for information: 877.762.3707


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