Exploring the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

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Argument for Medical Marijuana

As you’ve likely heard on the news, there are those who argue for medical marijuana and those who argue against it. Throughout Southern Los Angeles, there are plenty of marijuana dispensaries, cannabis clubs, and physicians who distribute the drug, making it easily accessible. However, the dangers of marijuana, according to some, are too great.

Those who advocate for medical marijuana say that it’s a safe and effective form of treatment for the symptoms of all sorts of illnesses. For instance, cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, physical pain, glaucoma, and epilepsy can be managed with the regular use of cannabis.

There have been many studies showing the positive effects on the lives of those who use it in a responsible way. Medical organizations, major government reports, and even prominent medical journals discuss the medical advantages of cannabis use.

Dangers of Marijuana

At the same time, others argue that the drug is too dangerous, preempting an addiction and causing other addiction-related problems. They are that the drug lacks an FDA-approval and that other medical drugs make the use of marijuana unnecessary.

Arguments of those against the use of medical marijuana include: it can lead to addiction, leads to the use of other harsher drugs, interferes with fertility, injures the lungs, weakens the immune system, impairs driving ability, and has a negative effect on the brain.

Marijuana comes from the hemp plant which grows wild around the world. The first reference to marijuana was in 2737 B.C. when the Emperor Shen Nung of China introduced it to his people, teaching that the plant had medicinal effects.

Marijuana was introduced to Western Europe in 500 B.C. Since then, marijuana has been used to treat all sorts of conditions, both physical and psychological.

Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

However, the drug does come with its dangers. Regular cannabis users can develop a dependence syndrome, the risks of which are around 1 in 10 of all cannabis users. Regular use of marijuana can double the risks of experiencing psychotic symptoms and disorders, especially if they have a personal or family history of psychotic disorders.

Marijuana has been associated with crime, drinking, and addictions to other substances.

The DEA also lists marijuana as the fourth most abused drug in the United States behind opiates, nicotine, and alcohol. Certainly, marijuana is not as damaging as other drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin. Yet, marijuana use can cause adrenal weakness, hypoglycemia, fatigue, lethargy, and loss of motivation in life.

At this point, the debate is still ongoing about marijuana. For those who are sober, using the drug might be considered a violation of their sobriety. For this reason alone, it’s best to stay away from any drug that alters your perception of life, including marijuana.


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