Expect Success Through Intention

success with intention

February is national ‘Expect Success Month’ and no better way to celebrate it than with yourself by setting an intention. Everything begins with intention. When you decide to go to the gym, take a nap, or show up early to a meeting, it all begins with intention. When you wake up in the morning, set an intention to stay sober, to be kind, and to do the right thing. Also set intentions throughout the day. If you want your workout to really burn your quads, set that intention. If you are going to make an amends, set an intention as to how you want it to turn out.

One of the many tools we use in recovery is meditation. The practice of clearing the mind by entering a state of pure awareness allows you to plant your intentions, and then release them at the end of your practice. You can stop thinking about the outcome, because you have turned them over to your Higher Power. When you intend for everything in your path to be as it should, you let go of control, and you open yourself to endless opportunities.

Always believe in yourself. You are a survivor of addiction, and you have a purpose. You can expect to be successful in whatever you intend to do. If you are going back to school, set your intention to earn good grades. Whatever it is you choose to do, put your desires to the universe, and let that infinite power handle the rest. If an outcome isn’t what you wanted, it may turn out better for you than one you desired.

Setting intention and letting go takes practice—especially letting go. Humans struggle with the idea of not being in control. People who are in touch with their spirituality have been gifted with the peace and serenity of knowing all will be okay; they live in the wisdom of uncertainty. You can experience this peace, too. Practice intention, meditation, and let your Higher Power handle the rest.




If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, call The Lakehouse Recovery Center. Set an intention to get well. We want to help you begin your journey to a beautiful life in recovery. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (877) 762-3707. Your life can change, and you can recover. Call now.