What to Expect in Your First 3 Months of Recovery


For three months your life is going to feel a lot like a rollercoaster full of ups and downs.  There will be times where the ride is awesome and other times there will be fear along with some bumps.  Many going through recovery can get lost if they hit a bump or two, but one setback does not determine if they can break free from addiction.  You will have ups and downs, but you are valuable and you will overcome.  Learning from failure is part of growing up in your recovery.  Eventually, you too will be free!

Here are some things addicts have learned in their recovery process that may help you learn how to be free more quickly.

  • You are going to need loads of support.  You cannot do it alone.  You may have the discipline and drive of Rocky Balboa, but without comrades giving you strength and encouragement during your recovery process you’ll go down hard and fast.  Join a Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, or whatever you can to support your particular journey.
  • Withdrawal is a beast.  You may have a good routine figured out to help you keep your mind off your addiction.  You may have all the support you need.  You may think you’re in the clear after three months without a relapse.  The beast of withdrawal symptoms lurks though, and will attack when you least expect it, due to post acute withdrawal syndrome.  You need a plan of action for such moments.  Will you fight the beast?  Will you run?  What’s your plan? Remember, the beast of addiction is powerful.  If you relapse, get back on the trail to recovery as soon as possible.   
  • You are going to be moody.  If you give a toddler a sucker every time they finish their dinner then their world will end if you forget the sucker one time.  We like to think we are more mature than toddlers, but neuroplasticity, dopamine, and your addiction have created an addiction toddler in your brain.  It will scream at you for a taste of what you’re addicted to, like a toddler will scream for that sucker.  Stand your ground, don’t feed it, and eventually it will give up.  You may just want to let those around you know that you are in the recovery process and ask for a little grace.

Recovery is not an easy road.  You might begin to think it’s just easier to give up trying and let addiction win. Your amazing life is waiting for you at the other end of your fight. Don’t give up.

Lakehouse Recovery Center is a private residential treatment program offering a healing opportunity for the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. With a continuum of care, the first 3 months of recovery are easily managed through our 12 month after care. Call us today for more information:  877.762.3707


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