Excessive Drinking Linked With Low Nitric Oxide Levels

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Effects of Excessive Drinking

The exhaled breath of adults who are drinking alcohol excessively has less nitric oxide than that of those who do not drink, a new study found. Nitric oxide is important because it protects against harmful bacteria, which can cause respiratory infections. Researchers from Loyola Medicine and Loyola University in Chicago were the first to discover a link between excessive alcohol intake and nitric oxide.

They analyzed data of 12,059 adults from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health and Examination Survey (NHANES) and separated participants into four categories: never drinkers, nonexcessive drinkers, excessive drinkers, and former excessive drinkers. The results showed that the group with the lowest levels of nitric oxide in their exhaled breath were the excessive drinkers.


Click HERE for the full article on Yahoo.


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