Enjoying a Sober Halloween

Sober Halloween | Lakehouse Recovery


Halloween has become more than just getting dressed in costumes, going to a party, and trick or treating. Just like New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, and Christmas, Halloween is fast becoming associated with drinking. When you are in recovery the last thing you want to get involved with is the craziness of drinking and being around situations that might make you revert back to your old self.

Tips in Guiding You Through a Sober Halloween

The best thing you can do instead of going somewhere is to have your own party. Throwing your own festivities will help you to be able to control the party of who and what is there. It helps to alleviate the pressure of being around people that aren’t in your situation and might make you feel uncomfortable.

Another way to create a fun sober environment is to bake. Make up some fun cookies, cakes, and treats. Do something different that helps to take your mind off of what you used to do. Movie marathons are a great way of spending the time. Invite some friends over and watch your favorite horror movies all night.

Something else that is a great thing to do is volunteer to help keep kids safe when they are out trick or treating. Patrol the area and make sure there isn’t anything crazy going on. The other thing you can do is be the designated driver for your friends. If you think you can handle going out to a party and know that your friends have your best interests, then go out and join them. Bring your own non alcoholic beverages and mingle.

For more on how to have a sober Halloween visit Life Hack HERE


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