Drunkorexia: Women, Body Shaming, and Alcohol

Women have been objectified by societies around the world for thousands of years. The pressure put on women to look a certain way and be a certain size can have devastating effects on a person’s psyche. The expectations media outlets have put out into our society of the “ideal” woman is at the very least, ridiculous. No two women, or two human beings for that matter, are the same. So why is there such a push to get women to look a certain way? The sad part of this unreasonable expectation, is that women have bought into it.

Eating disorders are more prevalent than ever, and the trend amongst young women in particular of withholding food and then binge drinking is incredibly dangerous. This act, referred to as  “drunkorexia” is a condition where an individual doesn’t eat in order to swap food calories for those in alcohol. This is a bad idea on many levels. For one, alcohol calories are empty and provide no sustenance for survival. The chemical also reduces the amount of nutrients that can be absorbed by the body, which is a double whammy. On top of that, drinking ups the production of digestive juices, which irritates the stomach and can lead to internal sores. This probably isn’t the picture-perfect outcome anyone is seeking.

Behaviorally, if you don’t eat before you drink, you are playing with fire. The unknown is frightening when it comes to alcohol. If you don’t have any food in your stomach before a night of drinking, you have no idea what could happen. Falls, drunk driving, rape, assault, and memory loss, are amongst an unending list of dangerous situations that come with binge drinking. In a study performed on 1,000 students by the University of Missouri, twenty percent admitted to restricting calories in order to drink. Of these twenty percent, women were found to be at most risk. For the record, nothing is worth jeopardizing your health, safety, and well-being—especially trying to live-up to a false societal expectation of beauty.





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