Drug Addiction Treatment: 16 Holistic Ways to Recover

Drug Addiction TreatmentThe National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has recently published a guide based on research that provides the 13 principles of effective drug addiction treatment. NIDA’s publication is a significant one, outlining the factors that can facilitate drug and alcohol treatment regardless of the length and strength of an addiction. One of the 13 principles placed an emphasis on treatment that is holistic:

Drug and alcohol treatment that is effective addresses not just the addiction alone.; it must address the medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal issues as well.  Treatment must be holistic in nature.

Getting holistic support for your recovery means getting special kind of support. According to The Free Dictionary holistic care is: “a system of comprehensive or total patient care that considers the physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs of the person; his or her response to illness; and the effect of the illness on the ability to meet self-care needs.” Essentially, holistic care takes into about the whole person. It not only considers the physiological and physical aspects of the addiction, but also the emotional, psychological, and spiritual facets to an addiction.

In fact, alternative forms of treatment are becoming more and more popular because of their abilities to prevent illness and treat the entire body. Typically, drug treatment will focus on the mind. Certainly, drug addiction treatment will include a drug detox and tend to the body in that way.


A system of complementary medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles, which are intended to relieve pain and/or treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions.


uses essential oils from plants and herbs, which are inhaled or applied to the skin. Aromas derived from natural plant sources have been shown to support emotional balance, stress relief, and overall well-being.

Drug Addiction TreatmentArt Therapy

works with the images in your mind. At times, when the mind is inflicted by disease, these images might be self-destructive, leading to teen addiction, depression, and suicide. If, for example, you have an image of yourself that is shameful or unworthy or unlovable, it might be hard to feel deserving of what life has to offer. It might be difficult to find the energy to manage the emotional, psychological, and physical changes taking place during adolescence.


A scientific way of learning about tension reduction. Instruments are used to provide immediate feedback about the level of tension in the body.

Craniosacral Therapy

A modality that uses the craniosacral system – the soft tissues and fluid that protects, nourishes, and cleanses the brain and spinal cord – as a means for assessing disease in the body. A therapist trained in this modality knows how to work with the craniosacral system to release tension in the body and improve functioning of the central nervous system. Because of its ability to release emotionally held trauma that was stored in the body, this form of therapy has been used to treat a vast number of veterans with great success. Although it’s an alternative form of therapy, it has been used to treat addiction and continues to be a widely used healing method.

Deep Breathing

can be an essential tool, particularly right in those intense moments, and perhaps in a moment of craving. One of the most effective forms of deep breathing is square breathing. Someone using this method breathes in for the count of four, holds the breath for a count of four, breathes out for a count of four, and holds the breath for a count of four, and continuing that cycle until he or she feels relaxed.


This is the first of two articles on holistic forms of drug addiction treatment. The second article in this series will continue with this list of holistic treatment methods.


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