Drug Abuse Help: Getting To Know the Phrases of AA

Drug Abuse Help | LakehouseRecoveryCenter.comAlright, you’ve decided to get sober and you’re attending 90 meetings in 90 days. It’s the classic Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) invitation to new recovering addicts. If you want to get drug abuse help you’ve got to attend a meeting every day for the next three months. You need that level of support to keep you clean.

For many, when they begin to attend 12-step meetings, they soon discover that those who are attending meetings are one by one coming up to them and making their introductions.

Every old timer there is suddenly your best friend. Every man and woman who is not in your own shoes – new to AA and trying to find their way – is welcoming you in like family.

Drug Abuse Help Essentials

And as you get settled in, as you find your new family, as you begin to feel the great support embrace of everyone, you’ll begin to learn about the AA culture. You’ll slowly learn about those quick, to-the-point phrases of AA, and you’ll want to remember them because they’ll keep you sober.

They can be an essential part to getting the drug abuse help you need.

They’re phrases that say in a one-line zinger what others don’t usually talk about. For instance, the phrase, “If I don’t change, my sobriety date will” says in a few simple words that the one thing that creates change is changing yourself. Or the short phrase, “First things first,” makes one thing clear: When you prioritize your life in such a way so that you’re putting what matters to you first, life works out.

When you put your health, your spirituality, your sobriety, and your growth first, you can then have a full cup to tend to the life around you. First things first.

 Common AA Phrases

Keep coming back, it works if you work it.
No matter where I go, there I am.
Resentment is a poison I drink to kill the other person.
Pain is in the resistance.
Do I want to be happy or be right?
I only have to change one thing – EVERYTHING!
You are 3 people:
Who you think you are.
Who other people think you are.
Who you really are.
First Things First
If I don’t change, my sobriety date will!
We’ve got a chair here with your name on it.
It’s always easier to take someone else’s inventory.
I’m really grateful to be here.
Get a sponsor.
Don’t drink and go to meetings.
If drinking doesn’t bring you to your knees, sobriety will.
Easy Does It
One Day at A Time
If you fly with crows, you’ll get shot at.
I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.
It’s easy to talk the talk, but you have to walk the walk.
If you spot it, you got it.
Gratitude is an attitude.
You have to give it away in order to keep it.
If you hang around a barber shop long enough, you’ll get a haircut.
Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink.
Don’t try to recruit people before they’re ready —
they’ll have you drinking before you’ll get them sober!
Fake it till you make it.
It’s a selfish program.
Stick with the winners.
Keep coming back.
Just For Today

I’ve been here a few 24 hours.

Under every dress there’s a slip.

Let Go and Let God

SLIP: Sobriety Losing Its Priority

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real

FEAR: Face Everything And Recover

EGO: Easing God Out

HIT: Hang in there

GOD: Good, Orderly Direction

HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired


If you’re aim is to get sober, let these phrases support your sobriety. Trust in them and allow them to create a foundation beneath you so that you can create for yourself a stable, sober, and healthy life.


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